Original Adobe design. Adobe® Garamond® SC & OsF

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Typeface notes:

Some of the most popular typefaces in history are those based on the types of the sixteenth-century printer, publisher, and type designer Claude Garamond, whose sixteenth-century types were modeled on those of Venetian printers from the end of the previous century. The Garamond typeface and its variations have been a standard among book designers and printers for four centuries; nearly every manufacturer of type or typesetting equipment has produced at least one version of Garamond in the past eighty years. Adobe designer Robert Slimbach went to the Plantin-Moretus museum in Antwerp, Belgium, to study the original Garamond typefaces. These served as the basis for the design of the Adobe Garamond romans; the italics are based on types by Robert Granjon, a contemporary of Garamond’s. This elegant, versatile design, the first Adobe Originals typeface, was released in 1989, and includes three weights, plus a titling font, alternate characters, and an Expert Collection to provide a flexible family of text types.


Robert Slimbach


Adobe Originals
Garalde Oldstyle
Small Caps & Old Style Figures

Legal notices:

Adobe Garamond is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Postscript File Name:


MAC Menu Name:

AGaramond RegularSC

Windows/PC Menu Name:

AGaramond RegularSC 

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