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Glyph coverage:

Euro Currency Proper Lining Standard


Adobe Western 2


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PDF icon   Glyph Complement (51K)

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Typeface notes:

Pompeijana is part of Linotype’s Type Before Gutenberg series. Adrian Frutiger designed Pompeijana in 1992 modeling it on the “scriptura actuari” (scriptura=writing; actuari=fast) used by the Romans for handwriting and stone and bronze inscriptions since the first century BC; this style of lettering is also seen on inscriptions six centuries later. These early letters were made quickly with a brush held at a steep angle, producing characters with horizontal strokes that are wider than the vertical strokes. Pompeijana is ideal for books as titles and initial capitals. More sophisticated job work, for instance, stationery and wedding invitations could easily use Pompeijana as well.

Optical Size:

This face is designed to used at a text size of 18.0 points.


Adrian Frutiger


Decorative & Display

Legal notices:

Pompeijana is a trademark of Linotype GmbH and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

Postscript File Name:


MAC Menu Name:

Pompeijana LT Std Roman

Windows/PC Menu Name:

Pompeijana LT Std Roman 

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