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Typeface notes:

In addition to the kana characters that used to be supported by Ryo Gothic, a full-set of Adobe-Japan1-3 characters of Kozuka Gothic(R) was added and Ryo Gothic became a Std OpenType font.*1

Like the former version of Ryo Gothic, Ryo Gothic PlusN can be used, combined with other full-set Mincho typefaces, but now it's possible to use it as a stand-alone Japanese font.*2

Created by Adobe type designer Ryoko Nishizuka, the typeface has a bright and speedy calligraphic touch and can be used to compose readable body text, as it gives a calm and well-controlled color to the typeset page. This typeface family is available in seven weights--extra light, light, regular, medium, bold, heavy, and ultra heavy.Ryo Gothic is an OpenType font supporting the Adobe-Japan1-3 Character Collection. We recommend you to use the Composite Font tool of InDesign's Japanese edition to easily combine Ryo Gothic Text PlusN with other typefaces.


-- 1 In addition to the Adobe-Japan1-3 characters, Ryo Gothic PlusN has the Printing Standard Glyphs defined by the National Language Council.

-- 2 For the kanji, numbers, Latin alphabet and other characters (namely, characters other than hiragana, katakana, punctuation marks, "shime" character, sound repeating marks) of the UH (Ultra Heavy) weight of Ryo Gothic PlusN, the design of Kozuka Gothic H (Heavy) is used. The strokewidth of these characters do not match that of Ryo Gothic PlusN UH (Ultra Heavy). This is because Ryo Gothic PlusN's family of weights is designed to fit various different full-set Japanese typefaces, and Kozuka Gothic's family does not have a matching weight to the Ultra Heavy weight of Ryo Gothic PlusN. We recommend you to use Ryo Gothic PlusN UH (Ultra Heavy) by combine it with other Japanese typefaces, so that the kana weight can match that of other characters.


Ryoko Nishizuka


Adobe Originals

Legal notices:

Ryo® Gothic PlusN is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

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