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Alternates Case Forms Diagonal Fractions Euro Currency Ligatures Old Style Figures Ordinals Proper Lining Small Caps Super & Subscripts True Italic Forms


Adobe CE, Adobe Western 2, Cyrillic, Cyrillic Extended, Greek, ISO-Adobe, Latin Extended, Polytonic, Vietnamese


Adobe CECyrillicCyrillic ExtendedGreekLatin ExtendedGreek PolytonicVietnamese



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Typeface notes:

Named for the classical mathematician, Thomas Phinney’s Hypatia Sans is a geometric sans serif with humanist undertones. Hypatia echoes the basic form of geometric designs from the 1920s and 30s, and adds features derived from classical oldstyle typefaces and inscriptional lettering that give the design a balance between cold geometry and warm organic form. The letters are expressive at larger sizes, and are still clear and readable at text sizes in short paragraphs. A wide range of weights increases the family’s versatility, and its many alternate glyphs and layout features provide a palette of expressive options.

Robert Slimbach helped guide and refine the family throughout the project. Thomas Phinney completed the upright faces and much of the Italics, but was unable to finish them, so Paul Hunt stepped in to complete the project.

Phinney took advantage of stylistic sets, which allow a user to change the appearance of glyphs that are related. Although Hypatia Sans has no fewer than 14 stylistic sets, there are two that Phinney expects to see used most. Stylistic Set #1 removes the vestigial serifs and makes Hypatia Sans a true sans-serif, while Stylistic Set #2 substitutes more geometric alternate forms of certain letters (a,g,t,y), and of the ampersand (&). The most unusual set is the unicase small caps (Stylistic Set #13).

To learn more about Hypatia Sans Pro, refer to the family landing page.

Optical Size:

Hypatia Sans Pro family is designed to be used at a text size of 18.0 points.


Thomas Phinney


Expert Collection
Venetian Oldstyle
Small Caps & Old Style Figures
Adobe Originals
OpenType Pro
Cyrillic Extended
Sans Serif

Legal notices:

Hypatia Sans Pro is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

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